The Blockchain Leader

The Art of Decentralized Leadership and Organizational Development in the Singularity

What got us here today, won’t get us there tomorrow.

A new mindset

Emerging technologies such as machine-to-machine value exchange, are based on a new way of thinking about organizing.What got you here today, won’t get you there tomorrow.


A new way of relating

Democratizing digital value exchange and peer-to-peer networks using distributed cryptographically secure technologies. Digital Intelligence.


A new way of doing

Growing strategic ecosystems across traditional industries while building networks effects through continuous permissionless novelty. Three years of change in six months.

Artist Innovators

Innovator artists and creatives who work outside the studio, the theater, and the concert hall to bring their distinctive talents and skills into business, government, and the social sector.

Trusted Advisors and Counselors

Trusted advisors – candid and honest counselling and coaching to leaders and managers on what exceptional  organizations/ leadership looks like

Digital Professionals

Strong business professionals – exceptional mix of industry and consulting experience. Access to  tried and tested models, toolkits developed for distributed and decentralized “human” scaling.

What we do

Community Ambassador Leadership Development

Web 3.0 Talent Strategies

Founder/CEO Leadership Coaching

Self-Sovereign Leadership Development

Web 3.0 Leadership Best Practices Researcher, Designer and Train-the-Trainer

MaRi Eagar

Creator and Founder: Personal and Cultural Transformations (PACTS)

MaRi Eagar is a futurist, cultural creative and executive leadership development consultant. She established her career as a chartered accountant, and holds a masters degree (with distinction) in leadership development. MaRi is an internationally certified high performance team coach, somatic coach as well as positive psychology coach and practitioner.

Actively involved in the token and blockchain world since 2013, she  is now creating leadership and organizational development programs for the digital future that builds on more than 15 years of working closely with executives, senior leaders and professionals to design and implement strategic enterprise digital transformation.

As an instigator of networks for positive strategic change, MaRi  is passionate about economic inclusion and financial wellbeing as cornerstones for future sustainable societies – with respect for nature.

Web 3.0 Leadership Best Practices Facilitators:

Vancouver, Canada

Jennifer Aberman

RTC, RYT Therapeutic Counsellor at To Be Heard counselling

Jennifer has been an active participant, including artist and counselor in decentralized communities for the past few years.

Jennifer has a private practice with office locations in North Vancouver, Gastown and South Vancouver.

Rochelle Fairfield

Executive Director Human Data Commons Foundation

Rochelle is an experienced integral and holocracy leadership coach and consultant.

In her role as executive director of the Human Data Commons Foundation (HDC), she works to address the increasing ethical problems caused by the scaling collection of personal data.

Marianne Wyne

Digital Adoption and Transformation Strategist

Marianne has over 20 years of experience in optimizing businesses and managing organizational change.

She drives corporate and strategic initiatives based on her deep understanding of operational priorities and how organizations function.

PACTS Personal and Cultural Transformation is a project of DigitalFutures B.U.I.L.D. Inc.

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“Decentral and distributed organizations do by nature not have one leader, but many (fluid) leaders. These types of organizations don’t have central intelligence as the intelligence is spread throughout the system. This is a fascinating topic we need to explore much further as we get closer to Singularity”. Marianne Wyne