Programs developed for and tested within the emerging distributed token and blockchain economy.


What kind of leaders and forms of organizing do we need for the machine-to-machine economy?


As we move towards more decentralized and networked organizations, we ask

  • Do we need leaders in the token and blockchain economy?
  • How do you lead the development of viable and regenerative strategic ecosystems and communities across the globe?
  • How do you develop leaders in a decentralized economy?


The Art of Leadership in the Token and Blockchain Economy: Unlocking the power of leaderless organizations. (The Emerald Belt)

  • Learn why it is important to develop new models of leadership and organizational design and development in context of the emerging distributed token and blockchain economy.
  • Develop a simple leadership model, principles, practices and pathways  to move from a centralized, spider form of organizing to that of more participative, distributed, starfish models.
  • Gain access to diverse perspectives and simple tools from crypto and blockchain executives and leadership development professionals to enable your own, team, organization and strategic eco-system development.

Organizational Strategy and Peak Performance Management. (The Gold Belt)

  • Learn and apply user centric and distributed tools and process to democratize strategy planning and execution planning.
  • Gain foresight while learning the art of scenario planning and thinking to access potential futures and possibilities.
  • Design and implement peak performance and accountability using a “lego-block” model that is not dependent on experts.

Personal and Cultural Transformations: Responsible Self-Autonomy, Wellbeing and Prosperity. (The Diamond Belt)

  • Learn how to craft a responsible autonomous life and know how to recover personal and eco-cultural vitality based on the prosperity game.
  • Access real personal and cultural change through the way of artist innovators, cultivating more novel and creative and critical thinking,  embodied intelligence and social digital intelligence.
  • Develop as an artist innovator through applying techniques and wisdom from people who surf the edges of the world.

Personal Power, Productivity and Performance to be successful in the Distributed Digital Economy. (The  Sapphire Belt)

  • Learn unconventional advice, influences and inspiring resources for surviving and thriving where mainstream models break down.
  • Gain confidence in building your independent thinking, while developing novel lenses and senses at which to look, think and act in the world.
  • Understand the importance of personal power while practicing new skills for protecting yourself and also thriving in the distributed autonomous digital economy.

Web 3.0 Leadership Development Program Design and Implementation. (The  Silver Belt)

  • Learn how to design and implement Web 3.0 Leadership Development using evidence informed pathways, principles and practices.
  • Establish your own value proposition, business model and business growth roadmap.
  • Gain confidence in taking a leadership role in establishing and developing communities of practice to scale change and adoption.

“Empathy and compassion may seem to fly in the face of command and control approaches to work, which emphasize stoicism and self-reliance. But the strikingly high rates of disengagement, stress and turnover that workplaces are facing today suggest that it’s time to consider another approach. By attending to the needs or other people through empathy and compassion, we build the supportive social connections that are critical to happiness at work.  Emiliana Simon-Thomas from the Fundamentals of Happiness at Work (Berkley/Edex)

All program concepts, models and approaches were originally designed with executive leaders, tested and adopted as part of strategic digital cultural transformation initiatives in established enterprise across a variety of industries and also within the blockchain ecosystem.