Don’t drum up the crew to gather wood.

Divide the work and give orders.

Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea

“Antoine de Saint-Exupery – The Wisdom of the Sands

Let’s start with a simple definition of leadership (to avoid getting stuck in definition debates)

So What?

Counterpoint: We don’t need leaders anymore. Code is Law

Counterpoint: We need new models of leadership to achieve the Satoshi vision.

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Green Book Founder Catalysts, Facilitators and Consultants

Founder Facilitators also deliver train-the-trainer programs.

Jennifer Aberman

RTC, RYT Therapeutic Counsellor at To Be Heard counselling

Jennifer has been an active participant, including artist and counselor in decentralized communities for the past few years.

Jennifer has a private practice with office locations in North Vancouver, Gastown & South Vancouver. Working with both youth and adults to support them in creating the authentic lives they want to create for themselves.

She also facilitates workshops on mindfulness and stress management with different organizations around Vancouver, BC.

Marianne Wyne

Digital Adoption and Transformation Strategist

Marianne is the Practice Lead for Eclipse’s Organizational Change Management and Business Process Solution practice.  She has 20 years of experience in optimizing businesses and managing organizational change. She drives corporate and strategic initiatives based on her deep understanding of operational priorities and how organizations function.

Marianne specializes in applying distributed transformational tools in her practice as digital adoption and transformation strategist.

Dr Martin Pow

Global Risk Executive

What do you get when you mix a kilt, the world’s most a prestigious executive career in risk including Deloitte, and Mongolia?

Dr Martin Pow is one of the most unusual executives you would come across.

He is a master story teller, using real life examples from history as well as his personal experience in establishing and leading global risk transformation practices across the globe.

He is unafraid of challenging the status quo, and role model for life long learning and mentoring.